Sunday, May 15, 2011

And The Winners Are...

Sherry S.- GRAND PRIZE WINNER (please email Rie w/ your snail mail)
Susan - autographed "Slave Auction" (please email Stormy w/your snail mail)
Brandi – autographed copy Written In Stone (please email Rie w/ your snail mail)
Lisa - ebook copy of My Best Friend’s Boyfriend (please send email address to GA)
Aibo Pals- Signed copy of  Of Wolves and Men
Tammy R. - eBook "My Eternal Love" by Stormy Glenn
Tina (RedZ) – autographed copy of Deep Within My Heart (please email Rie w/ your snail mail)
Xavier Axelson- Signed copy of In the Dark (please email GA with your snail mail)
Jennifer Mathis- autographed poster of Of Wolves and Men (Please send GA your snail mail)
Teresa K. – Closure writing pad (please email Rie w/ your snail mail)
JoAnna B.- The Cat's Meow (please email Stormy w/ your snail mail)
Strawberry – Chocolate (please email Rie w/ your snail mail)
Tammy R. - e-book My Eternal Love
Tracey D. – Calen T-Shirt (please email Rie w/ your snail mail and the size you want)
Darcy – Coffee Mug
Renee V. autographed copy of Comes An Outlaw (please email Rie w/ your snail mail)

The names below win their choice of one of these books by Rie McGaha:
Grounded, Two For Hire, or Deadly Dreams
Adele D.
Ellis V.
CM Kempe
Jack -
Kay S.

Anyone who wants a Calen bookmarker can send me (Rie) their snail mail, and I'll be happy to send you one.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Blogs Today

For those of you following the blogs listed below and are finding there are no posts from me, Blogger had a tantrum the last few days and no one could post, so those blogs are being updated and will be live soon. Because of the delay, I'm going to carry this party over one more day to give everyone the chance to catch up with the blogs that had problems.

In the meantime, join us at Erotic Promo for more chances to win!